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Refund Policy:

Sharksoflaw is grateful to its clients for choosing the services listed on our platform “www.sharksoflaw” (hereinafter referred to as “Sharksoflaw”). We sincerely try to make your experience good & deliver the service as promised at the time of you booking the Service. However, if due to any reason, if our clients believe that the Services rendered to them are not satisfactory or as per expectation, then in that case, clients will be entitled to a refund subject to the following conditions:

  • If Sharksoflaw itself denies to provide the agreed service, for whatsoever reason (maybe due to change of nature of service, law or any other regulation). Timely intimation with reason will be shared with client via email or call with proper reason stated for denial of service.

  • The refund shall be only be considered in the event there is a clear, visible deficiency with the service provided by us. Nothing herein stated implies to the satisfaction of clients. Sharksoflaw solely has the discretion to decide and confirm about the deficiency of service. The amount of refund shall be at the free will of Sharksoflaw depending upon the lack of service.

  • In the event a client has already paid for a service and then requests for a refund only because there was a change in mind for whatsoever reason, the refund i.e. the initial amount for any of the service, shall not be returned as there is no fault, defect, or onus on Sharksoflaw.

  • Refund requests shall not be entertained after the documents/ details have been shared with the client in the event of change of mind. However, we shall give the client an option of using the amount paid by you, at any later date within the stipulated time decided by Sharksoflaw for the same service.

*Note* If the request for the refund has been approved by Sharksoflaw or Sharksoflaw itself decides to refund the amount, the same shall be processed and intimated to the client via email or call. This refund process could take a minimum of 30 (thirty) business days to process and shall be credited to the client's bank account accordingly. We shall handle the refund process with care and ensure that the money spent by the client is returned to them at the earliest.

Cancellation Policy:

Sharksoflaw aims to provide efficient and hassle-free legal services to all its clients in a timely manner. By agreeing to the terms & conditions of Sharksoflaw platform, the client also agrees to the cancelation policy mentioned below:

  • When the client books an appointment, a slot is dedicated & booked to provide timely service. In this case, Sharksoflaw does not assign the same slot to any other client with respect to that service.

  • In the event where a client desires to change the booked slot timing, or desires to cancel the booked appointment with Sharksoflaw, he/she agrees to follow the standard protocol laid down by Sharksoflaw.

    • As per the standard protocol, a client must call Sharksoflaw customer care number & inform the representative about the change in the slot timing or put forward a slot cancellation request.

    • Sharksoflaw customer care representative takes the request & internally checks the possibility of the change or cancellation of the slot.

    • Sharksoflaw representative, informs the client on the possibility of the change of slot.

    • Sharksoflaw does not guarantee the change in the slot timing as per client’s need, but may put forward an alternative slot timing.

    • The client must agree to accept the available & suggested time slot from Sharksoflaw. In case, the client does not confirm or does not accept or does a no show at the time of revised booking slot, Sharksoflaw will assume the same to be a cancelled slot.

    • Client’s slot can be changed for a maximum of 3 (three) times.

  • In the event, Client does not responds to Sharksoflaw representative via “means of contact” provided by client for a minimum of 5 (five) times, or, Sharksoflaw representative does not get confirmation from client till fifteen (15) days from the allotted date of slot, the appointment will be deemed to be cancelled &Sharksoflaw will not be at any fault.


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